Signs of Diesel Engine Problems

May 10, 2022, 1:26 pm

Regular diesel engine maintenance can help prevent major problems, but you still need to understand the warning signs. The sooner you find an engine problem, the faster you can fix it and the less damage it causes.

Deterioration of fuel economy

One of the signs of a needed tune-up is the deterioration of the fuel economy. When you drive with poor fuel economy, you may not immediately notice that it is getting worse. As part of your normal routine, try to keep track of the number of times you have stopped to refuel. If the number of fills increases, it may be a sign of wear of internal components or other problems.

Rough idle or start problem

Idling is when the vehicle is running but not moving. Rough idling refers to various problems such as violent shaking and idling up and down. It can also mean that the engine is hesitant. These problems are caused by excess oil, fuel injector failure, fuel compression problems, and more. All of these are signs that it's time to service the diesel engine before the problem worsens.

Blue smoke

There is a problem with blue smoke from the engine compartment or exhaust fumes. That means oil is burning where it shouldn't be. Blue smoke is a problem, especially in older and more frequently used vehicles. An oil leak can result from a fuel system failure or another engine component such as a piston ring or valve seal. Fixing the issue can be as simple as removing excess oil and cleaning the engine or as complex as a rebuild.

Power loss

A loss or reduction in engine power is usually difficult to miss and is a sign it`s time for engine upkeep. If you`re dealing with low power, your vehicle will have trouble getting started and getting up to speed. If the loss of power is gradual, it may go unnoticed at first. The problem can come from worn-out engine components and a loss of compression. However, you can diagnose the problem with diesel engine service.

Check engine light

Do not ignore the check engine light, whether you notice any symptoms of an engine problem. Even if you suspect that it's faulty, it's a good idea to schedule diesel engine service in case of major problems.

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