Maximize Your Mileage

July 6, 2022, 4:03 pm

If you have a diesel pickup, you can still hope for a long-lasting engine. If you maintain your truck engine and do not operate it regularly with heavy loads, you can hope for it last up to the same 1,000,000.

Most pickup truck owners buy their diesel trucks because they need the power, though. But even then, when you’re running your truck at maximum capacity often, you can hope for your engine to last 300,000 miles.

The key to reaching the highest miles possible lies in your maintenance schedule. If you maintain your truck engine, you will see some serious miles on your engine.

So, how many miles can a diesel truck last? The answer depends on the owner. If you abuse your truck and neglect basic regular maintenance, you’ll see your truck die quicker than the average truck.

However, if you schedule regular maintenance calls and care for all the parts of your truck that you can on your own, you may just join the 1-million-mile club.

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